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How to Make Your Own Perfume with Lavender Essential Oil

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how to make your own perfume with lavender essential oil. In order for a fragrance to last all day, the perfume needs to have a strong base of either alcohol or oils. Alcohol is more popular because it evaporates quickly and doesn’t feel greasy like some oils can. However, if you want something that feels moisturizing on your skin (like in winter) but still smells great, then an oil-based perfume might be the way to go!

How To Make an Essential Oil Perfume?

To make an essential oil perfume, 1st you need to know where to buy essential oils. Terry’s natural market has some great deals on essential oils. Lavender essential oils are very popular for making perfume.

In addition to lavender oil , you will need something to mix it with. I recommend getting a carrier oil like grape seed or jojoba for this, as they are both very effective at making the fragrance last longer and won’t leave your skin feeling too greasy. Otherwise, olive oil works well if you don’t have either of these oils on hand!

Make sure that all ingredients are stored in a clean glass bottle (preferably dark colored). After having the Lavender oil now you will need the grapeseed oil or olive oil. Pour the carrier into your bottle first, then add in a few drops of lavender essential oils to get started!

After having the carrier oil and the essential oil in a bottle , you should be able to just screw on the cap and shake it up. You may want to give your mixture a good swirl before each use, especially if you are using olive oil as this tends to separate more than grape seed or jojoba oils will do!

Keep in Mind

Always take care when opening any kind of essential oil bottle – they can irritate skin or eyes very easily so keep them away from kids and pets (and adults who aren’t careful). Lavender is one of the safer ones for pregnant women too, but I would recommend checking with an aromatherapist that you know personally if in doubt.

If possible store your perfume out of direct sunlight at room temperature where possible.

Now you can use your new perfume as often as you like.

Repeat the steps above to create more of your own perfumes!

Lavender Essential Oil Uses in Perfume – Lavender is one of my very favorite essential oils and I use it almost daily for various reasons, so this lavender lemonade recipe was a must-try for me when I first stumbled upon it! You can vary how much or little sugar you want depending on personal preference; we love our drinks with lots of sweetener (and sometimes even super sugary syrups) but feel free to cut back if that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle.

Lavender Essential Oil

Picture of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil can provide you many benefits , including its analgesic, antidepressant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been used to reduce acne, relieve anxiety and tension headaches.

You can even use essential oil to make your own perfume with lavender oil. You can also make use of humidifier with lavender oil to get rid of the dry air and help you breathe better.

Just as explained above lavender oil can not only smell good but it can also provide you many benefits. You can even mix lavender oil with water and spray on your pillow to help get rid of the bad dreams which may be causing some restlessness at night.

Lavender essential oil is very versatile and you should definitely consider adding this one in your collection for its various uses around the house, not just as a perfume or air freshener but so much more .