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Europe is moving faster than the United States in industrial digitization: how can you benefit?

If capital smart city islamabad start talking about industrial digitization, in Europe we have a lot to say. A recent study has reported that our continent is advancing rapidly, surpassing the United States, as well as underlining the delay in industrial digitization of the Asian continent. We ask ourselves , what can industrial companies do to profit? How can you get on this train and get the most out of it?

Europe is moving faster than the United States in industrial digitization: how can you benefit?

The study in question, of which many media have spoken, was carried out by Rockwell Automation to more than 300 executives of international companies from different sectors of the industry. After analyzing the results, it was concluded that industrial digitization in Europe is progressing faster than in the United States.

For example, after asking companies if they were in the process of improving their IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) processes, 35% of European companies answered affirmatively. However, in the United States, the percentage was 22% . Asia only represented 8%.

Spain in industrial digitization

In general, the industrial sector in Spain has become much more competitive on a digital level in recent years. In fact, in the digital competitiveness ranking produced annually by the IMD World Competitiveness Center from Switzerland, Spain ranks 28 out of a total of 63 countries analyzed.

This list continues to be led by the United States, which traditionally leads the way in matters of industrial digitization. They are followed by Singapore, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland.

They point out that, although in the field of Technology, Spain stands out in matters such as the number of subscribers to mobile broadband or its speed, its competitiveness is hampered by factors such as: the export of high technology, the legislation of the scientific research or financing for technological development.


Main challenges of the industrial sector in digitization

The digital transformation of industrial companies requires, on many occasions, changing the organization and internal management of the company. For example, paying attention to marketing, sales or customer service processes. Change creates challenges.

Currently, the main challenge facing Spanish industrial companies is to integrate all their data into a system that provides tools to study, analyze and draw conclusions from these data. What’s more:

  •  Increase efficiency thanks to new processes
  •  Align marketing and sales departments
  •  Drive innovation
  •  Accelerate your revenue stream


In addition, in the case of industrial companies that have not started the digitization process, it is necessary to have a professional to lead the change. And then, integrate new professionals with the required skills into your team or invest in the digital training of workers.

Finally, it is essential to have a roadmap , with a detailed marketing plan for the first year. A document that serves as a basis for developing an effective digital sales and marketing strategy.

Europe advances faster in industrial digitization, how can you benefit?

To begin with, the studies and news that we have compiled for this article (and not only us) are telling you something very clear: industrial companies in Europe are digitizing at a rapid rate. If you have not yet started your digital transformation process, you are already running late.

68% of Spanish industrial companies in 2018 were in a medium-low digitization stage , while only 32% were at an advanced level.

This means that 2 out of 3 companies are lagging behind in the industrial digitization process. If you take the initiative and decide yourself to take the reins of digitization, you can benefit from competitive advantages over your competition.Keep in mind that currently, 64% of customers of B2B companies start their purchase process on the Internet.

What we would do if we were you

Digitization is inevitable. Industrial digitization is growing in Europe by leaps and bounds. What can you do?

  •  Start by analyzing your situation and your company. Did you know that in the next 5 years, Spanish industrial companies expect to increase their revenues by 11.1% and reduce their costs by 19.4% as a result of digitization?
  •  Create a roadmap for your digital strategy
  • Be clear about your goals and keep them SMART!
  •  Get advice from a marketing agency specialized in your sector
  •  Find out about Inbound Marketing, it is a methodology with excellent results in the industrial and B2B sector.


Learn a little more about Inbound Marketing

If you find it interesting, we have prepared a guide with more information about Inbound Marketing. Also a webinar in which we explain how to start a strategy from scratch. Download the one that is most interesting to you for free!

And what can we expect from the future? Keep making progress with digitization. There is still a lot to do in aspects such as Big Data, statistical analysis, knowledge transfer and cybersecurity… Is your industrial company already preparing for the future?